Supplemental CEO


"To anyone who has taken time to read this far into my referral letter,  DON"T STOP.  If you are a business owner who knows your industry well but does not understand the business systems necessary to run a business profitability, efficiently, effectively, ethically then you need to take the time to interview Mrs Teena Rairigh.  I had the good fortune of meeting Teena about two years ago.  Since that time she has literally transformed our business. She has given me the tools that I did not know existed but I needed desperately. I now have the confidence to make decisions and lead with well thought out plans like never before.  I could go on and on but I will just tell you that hiring Teena was one of the best decisions I have made in the last 35 years of being in business."

Steve Elieff

President of Elieff Brothers Roofing and Exteriors Inc

"Teena is the real deal, and you need her in your life.  She can take anything you are struggling within your business and help you identify, assess, and streamline.  She is also approachable, like a great friend that will push you and tell you when you’re being a goofball.  With her free initial consultation, there is no reason not to connect with her!"

Justine Bell

Director of Medical Lines, Cedar River Insurance

"Teena has the perfect balance of big picture planning and day-to-day functions of any size business."

Kimberly Bell Thompson

Owner, It’s About Time Services

"As a small business owner, I needed help on how to make my business plan more lucrative. I have a very giving personality and needed to learn how to filter that quality without compromise to my success.  Teena’s strategic planning session allowed me to course correct, provided me the clarity I needed, and tripled my network.  If you’re doubting any strategy within your current business plan or just don’t know where to go from here schedule a free planning session with Teena. You won’t regret it!"

Al Marie